Custom Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash is more significant than many homeowners recognize. It has several important functions, playing both a functional and attractive feature of the kitchen. Protecting the walls from messes created at the sink, or while cooking.

A backsplash is also the visual connection between the larger elements of the room. It must provide a pleasing transition from countertops to cabinets to appliances. You’ll have the opportunity to add a splash of color, touch of elegance to a kitchen or even become the center point of your kitchen. Each backsplash is meant to give your kitchen or bath its own identity; even a small wall space could be the center of attention..



My process is quite different to what most people guess, when the design is set on paper, I create the whole slab and create the relieves and textures during all the drying stages.  Each piece is hand-built in a distinctive non-square shape, just by cutting the clay. The thickness of each tile varies giving more visual interest and volume. For colors, there is a wide variety of available glazes, all lead-free and commercial grade, ensuring the most consistency in quality and colors still offering their own unique appearance giving an unlimited creative expression. 



Let's call it flexible designing, I can either offer you a close reproduction of a previous work or listen to what you ideas are and find a solution to your requests. I had worked in the past with Interior Designers and directly with the client. I would love to create a wall piece that you'll enjoy for years to come. This piece was inspired on a collection photographs of the northern east coast, creating a mix of different layers of blues and crystals, still showing the earthy background.   


View Samples in Person

Before taking a decision it is good to see the quality of my work, since it is not always easy to go to a showroom or my studio, I created samples I can bring to you, from colors, to designs, there will be so much inspiration for you.


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How is the process to design my custom backsplash? 

 To start your project there are a few steps to complete before installation.

1.     Design interview with the client. I get an idea of styles, colors, and preferences. You can bring your own sketches or pick from my gallery. Although your backsplash will never be the same as others, you can get a similar style.

        1.1 Measuring or choosing a size

        1.2 Photographing the site (if available)

2.     Presentation of scale sketches for you to choose.

        2.1 Pricing

3.     Signing contract

        3.1 Template cut out

 How long does it take to build? 

Each piece is different and timing will depend on size and design you had chosen. I can give you an estimate of your own piece although im presenting here and average timeline 


Stages of creating your piece

1.     Modeling - 1-2 weeks

2.     Drying - 1-2 weeks

3.     Glazing and firing - 1-3 weeks

Total = 3 - 7 weeks

Again, all will vary due to details of the design, thickness of the tile itself and size of your project.

All tiles are numbered on the back and accompanied by a picture reference.


Do you install the backsplash? 


I have my installer and he can give you a quote for your project. I advice to find an experienced tile setter if you choose not to use mine. 

What forms of payments do you accept? 

I accept checks, cash and Credit cards through Paypal.

50% in advance and 50% on delivery

Do you ship? 

Yes, I ship anywhere in the USA and internationally. All pieces are packed individually and double boxed or crated if it is required.

Shipping costs will be calculated according to weight, volume, distance and carrier. I’ll do the best to accommodate the most affordable and safe option for you. 

 All shipments are insured. 




Shipping is not refundable.

Installation is not included and I advise finding an experienced tile setter.

My tiles are beautifully irregular and not one will be perfectly geometrical or consistent in size.

Grouting is an option and must be chosen before the modeling stage in order to add space for the grout; otherwise it will not fit your ordered size.

The tiles run glaze to the sides and I make them to fit tightly, although you might find occasional gaps no bigger than ¼ inch.

Any backsplash for a bathroom must be grouted.

I’m not responsible for a broken tile, after delivery. There will be an additional charge for any replacement piece.  

Fitting is not 100% accurate due to the handmade uniqueness and variations of the clay. The tiles will be able to be trimmed as any regular tile.

My glazes are commercial grade and are stable and good quality, food safe and can be cleaned as any tile.

Colors might vary slightly due to the characteristics of the clay or firing conditions.